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understand Chinese cultures and languages

An Expat’s Point of View: Trying to Understand Chinese Culture and Language

You’d think being married to a Chinese man would have made my experiences in China a bit easier, but no! That’s ok, because looking back, it made for some very interesting times when I would try to understand what people … Continue Reading

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overseas experience

How Overseas Experiences Change Your Life For The Better

How overseas experiences change your life for the better Derek Cullen When I first left home for the continent of Africa, I was rather naïve in terms of travel and entirely unprepared for how it would change my life. At the … Continue Reading

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Best Destination To Teach

Why China is Quickly Becoming the Most Sought-After Teaching Destination

With globalisation bringing the world closer together, it’s not surprising that China is becoming a huge destination for those who seek to teach abroad. It’s a big country with so many opportunities and plenty to offer for those that are … Continue Reading

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Things I Love About Shanghai

Things I Love About Shanghai

Shanghai is such a cosmopolitan city, when you’ve lived in other parts of China, even in big cities, they pale in comparison to the marvel that is Shanghai.   The urbane feeling in the middle of China when you’ve been … Continue Reading

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Choosing a City

Big Cities or Small Cities? Which is the Best Choice in China?

China is a more open country than it was decades ago, and with each passing day, more and more flights are added into the country as well as around it. Even if you have limited knowledge of China, you’ve likely … Continue Reading

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City Guide: Wuhan for the Win!

People come to China and visit the big cities but many of them miss out on visiting cities that are considered big by our standards though small by Chinese standards. Wuhan is the 10th largest city in China. It’s a … Continue Reading

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City Guide: Traditionally Unique Xi’an

Xi’an is often cited as one of the most beautiful cities in China. It’s a place that you’ll find very welcoming no matter where you come from. Plus, it’s traditional in style, giving you the kind of vibe you’d have … Continue Reading

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Great Experience in My Life

“Both professional and personal growth.”  – Conor Maye Working as a teacher in China for the last 4 years has been immensely rewarding for me on both a personal and professional level. Professional: On a professional level nothing beats a … Continue Reading

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5 Interesting Gap Year Ideas Worth Following

For many people, the gap year is a luxury worth taking. Being able to remove yourself from the world of education and work can be a hard thing to do for many people. But, if the opportunity arises it’s a … Continue Reading

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Shenzhen guide

City Guide: A Few Quick Notes on Shenzhen

Fun fact: Shenzhen has more young people than any other Chinese city. So now you know this place is going to be hip and fun. And truly it is. One could prattle on and on all day about Shenzhen, a … Continue Reading

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