Why Teach in China?

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10 Reasons to Teach in China

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Adventures To Experience

You might be one of those China experience pursuers if you are:

  • Fascinated by Chinese culture and language
  • A wanderluster crazily collecting new novel experiences
  • Fed up of with your current 9-5 and want to have a lifestyle change
  • Just fresh out of university and wondering what’s your next step. They all say that there are lots of opportunities in China.
  • Passionate about education and want to have a positive impact through teaching

Opportunities To Grow Professionally

“Working as a teacher in China for the last 4 years has been immensely rewarding for me on both a personal and professional level. On a professional level nothing beats a student walking into a classroom without a word of English and watching them progress and develop.”


university student

Opportunities To Grow Personally

“On a personal level I have made some great friends, learned (a little) of a new language and lots about a new culture (and food) that I would never have have discovered had I not taken the plunge. Having lived in both a very small city and a very large city and both have their own unique charms. In my time here I have helped quite a few friends with their transition to living here and I can safely say they loved it.”

Potentials To Impact

“When I arrived in China the culture shock was so overwhelming that I thought I should’ve studied harder in school.

But after a week I’m already teaching everyone from a quite varied age groups. You remember their names, they remember yours. It becomes more than teaching English. Something changes within you.

Now I don’t know how long I’ll be here.”


Great Opportunities in China

Why now is the best time to teach in China.

Have you ever considered working in China – a country of economic prosperity, rich culture, and endless opportunity? 

With a meteoric rise in development in China, there is an unprecedented need for English teachers in major cities like Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Xi’an.

It is a massive opportunity for potential English teachers with schools offering competitive salaries ranging from 8,000 RMB to 15,000 RMB, with accommodation provided.  

What’s better? Our programs even provide you with free Visa support, accommodation, Chinese classes, airport pickup and even flight reimbursement.  


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Bonus Points

A few more reasons to teach in China!

Rich Culture

Opportunity to explore the country with more than 5,000 years of history.

Beautiful Landscape

One of the largest countries in the world with varied landscapes and environment!

Growing Economy

As one of the fastest growing economy and increasing power, understanding and learning Chinese and Chinese culture gives you the advantage for future career!

Cost of Living

Comparatively low cost of living offers a comfortable lifestyle.

Benefits teaching in china

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