City Guide to Hangzhou: A City With Soul

Live in Hangzhou, Teach in Hangzhou

As the capital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is known for local politics as well as being an epicenter of culture and economy. It’s located on the lower portion of the Qiantang River, just over 100 miles from Shanghai, making it a spectacular stop on your journeys through China.

Because of the subtropical climate, it’s a popular place to visit year-round, never getting too extreme in hot or cold. Plus, the stunning scenery here is like something from a dream. If you’re thinking of coming to teach in Hangzhou, here’s more to know about this fascinating city in the Yangtze Delta region.

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Explore West Lake

This amazing historical site has, as the name suggests, a lake. And while it’s quite beautiful, there’s so much more to it than that. It’s home to two very famous pagodas with Leifeng Pagoda in the south and Baochu Pagoda in the north. Year-round, the area has treasures to explore in the surrounding scenery, making it popular for romance, however in the summer, everyone loves to explore the winery yard and lotus pool.

Discover an Urban Oasis

Not far from all the sites at West Lake, you’ll find Xixi National Wetland Park, a place rich in ecological resources. The simple nature melded with the original culture of the area is truly unique, especially when you consider that it’s the only wetland park China has that combines farming, culture and urban life.

Explore Xitang Water Town

Who says Venice is the only place for a romantic scene of water-filled streets? This town dates back to ancient times and has a charm all its own!

Plus there’s so much more

Hangzhou has many more sites to marvel at including Lingyin Temple, Temple of Yue Fei, Six Harmonies Pagodas, Thousand Islets Lake, and plenty others too.

Don’t forget to taste it all too!

Hangzhou has some elaborately-prepared dishes that you’ve got to try. They perfectly capture the vibe you’ll find when you teach in Hangzhou. Xi hu cu yu, or West Lake fish in vinegar gravy, is one of the most traditional dishes in this city. It’s a dish that requires great preparation and features both sweet and sour flavors you’ll love. Jiao hua ji, or beggar’s chicken, is an entire chicken cooked within a ball of clay. Legend has it beggars were the first to make it, hence the name, baking it in clay for amazing results. Dong po rou, or braised Dongpo pork, is another dish you shouldn’t miss. And long jing xia ren, or fried shrimp with long jing tea, is a dish that came from the Imperial Palace. If it’s good enough for the emperor, then you know it’s got to be impressive!

If you teach in Hangzhou, you can see these sights and taste these foods all the time!