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preparing for esl job interview

Preparing For the Interview: Some Useful Tips

Got an ESL job interview soon? Read on. China is one of the countries that need English teachers the most, and while the chances are high for qualified candidates to
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preparing your trip to China a complete checklist

Preparing for China: Checklist For Your Trip

Excited About Your Upcoming Trip to China? Living over in China is going to be a little different than what you are used to. Especially if you are going to
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15 Benefits of Teaching in China as a Graduate

15 Benefits of Teaching in China as a Graduate

Graduated, then what? Students spend years in school and that is even before they make the choice to attend college to obtain their degree. While many of those college students
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how to make new friends living overseas

10 Tips to Make New Friends Quickly Living Overseas

Want to make new friends while being overseas? We got you covered! Moving overseas to tackle a new job and not being about to speak the local language can create
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