A Gap Year in China.
Teach. Grow. Impact.

Enjoying the perks of experiencing an amazing culture. Teaching to develop yourself and others.


The best time to teach in China

Why China?
Why Now?

With its breath-taking landscapes, beautiful language, incredible food, rich history, wonderful people and fascinating diversity, China makes a great place to start teaching English whilst travelling. 

By teaching English in China, you are opening yourself up to a whole level of living: new adventures, positive impact, and personal growth.

The best time to start new chapter in your life is always, NOW.

Personally, teaching in China for a year, I think that will show employers that I am going to throw myself in the deep end and that’s going to help me grow as a person and also show that I’ve a lot of perseverance from spending a year abroad by myself.

Darryl Martin Teacher in China

Working as a teacher in China for the last 4 years has been immensely rewarding for me on both a personal and professional level.

Connor MayeTeacher in China

The experiences, stories, impact, development you have when you move back to Australia (if you do decide to move back) will change you. Quite simply you just become a more interesting person.

Harold AmanTeacher in China

Why Panda Buddy?

Reputable Employers

We carefully select our educational partners who are legally recognised by the SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs).

Fast Track Application

This is a direct hiring platform so you will hear from your employer directly. Meanwhile our support will be with you throughout your application journey.

Free of Charge

Our platform and quality matching services are 100% free for candidates. Plus you'll get great support from your Placement Success Manager.

Providing Whole Journey Support

how it works?

Once qualified for a position, your entire application process will be assisted by a dedicated Placement Success Manager.

Get started by submitting your online application, we will match you with the best suited position based on your qualification and preferences, alternatively you can apply directly to a featured job.

step 2 - interview with the school

Step 2: Interview with School

The school will be in touch shortly (usually within 3~5 business days) to arrange an interview. It’s time to let your best self shine!

Step 3: get hired

Step 3: Get hired

Once you pass the interview, an offer will be issued and the school will guide you through your onboarding process (visa, flight, training, etc.)   

Panda Buddy exceeded my expectations, when I contacted them, by addressing my inquiry in a professional and time effective way.

Marco Ruaro
Teacher in Beijing, China

I had the most helpful representative Zoe Liang, from the beginning she made the whole process so easy. Zoe was always on hand to help me and provide any answers to any questions i had.

Darren Isaac
Teacher in Beijing, China

My Placement Success Manager from Panda Buddy assisted in all areas from start to finish. She was able to find a placement for me and was always able to any queries I may have had.

Scott Ferry
Teacher in Beijing, China

Excellent service provided by the Placement Success Manager from matching to contract. All questions answered and very friendly. Would highly recommend using this service.

Chris Fair
Teacher in Xi'an, China

Coming to China has been my dream ever since I was 14 years old. I applied through Panda buddy and the process was incredibly clear and simple. Now I’m living out my dream, living and working in Xi’an, China!

Tony Battagalia
Teacher in Xi'an. China

After I applied through them, they responded immediately and in no time at all I am close to going over to teach at a school in Wuhan, Central China.

Aaron Townsley
Teacher in Wuhan, China

learning more about teaching in China


You might want to know about teaching in China:


University graduates who are seeking working experiences;

Fed up of with your current 9-5 and want to have a lifestyle change; 

Passionate about education and want to have a positive impact through teaching.


Have obtained Bachelor degree or about to graduate (no specific field required);

Native speaker in English from United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa in order to meet China’s visa regulations;

Able to obtain clean police check;

Able to work and live in China for at least one year.


Though teaching experience is highly valued for this position, it’s not a must-have requirement. Most schools will provide teachers will training before their work to make sure they comply with their teaching curriculum and specific methods. Many teachers start without prior experience but after a number of classes teachers are usually always able to adapt, get comfortable and enjoy their lessons.


Although it’s very much appreciated in our culture – Chinese people love foreigners speaking Chinese! You don’t have to be fluent in Mandarin in order to teach English in China.


The standard teaching salary will be around RMB 8,000 – RMB 15,000 depending on the school packages. This is an above-the-average salary standard in China that can get you a comfortable living in most cities. Please read more details about teaching in China salary here. Also refer to the question “WHAT IS THE COST OF LIVING IN CHINA?” for more understanding about the salary and living standard.


This definitely depends on the lifestyle you live. As most placements we offer here have accommodations or allowances provided, the only cost you’ll have is your everyday expenses, which leaves you a big portion of disposable income.

Teaching Positions
Expats in China

Join 600,000 Expats in China

China is becoming one of the most wonderful places to travel in the world – well, let’s face it, it has always been a wonderful place to explore.

There are so many people out there right now enjoying a fun and fulfilling life by combining their passion for travel with supporting students to learn and grow!

You can too.