• New Adventures

Every new journey is an adventure for you to test how far you can go.

  • Positive Impact

You are teaching and educating young minds. It’s powerful.

  • Personal Growth

New things to adapt, new languages to learn, and new friends to make.

how does it work

1. Submit Application

Take only 2 minutes to fill out the application form so that we can have a head start.

2. Exploration Call

If it seems likes a good fit, we’ll invite you to a brief exploration call to discuss your city options and starting date.

3. Video/Interview

A self-introduction video or an official interview is needed depending on the programs.

4. Itineraries & Preparation

We’ll guide you through the visa process, which will be very straight-forward, get excited for China!

“You remember their names, they remember yours. It becomes more than teaching English. Something changes within you.”

Why Panda Buddy

Teaching in China Made Easy.

Apply today to get your journey started!